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The earth’s surface is 65 per cent ocean, and yacht charter unlocks a huge portion of that surface for us to explore.

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Whether you prefer technical, hands-on yachting experience, or a motor powered cruise on a luxurious vessel, yachting is an experience like no other.

Only those with experience of yachting will know the awesome experience of gliding over the azure crystalline waters of mother ocean.

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We aim to unite the Florida Yachting Community and explain the benefits of yacht charter, in that you can always access yachts wherever you go in this world.

Yacht Charter is the option that many world travellers decide to take, due to its flexibility and ease of use wherever you go in the world.

Whether you’re looking to entertain a party, have a romantic getaway with that special someone, or a family adventure, yacht charter can be the key for having the ideal and amazing experience that makes for the best memories.

Yachting is a classic pass time, allowing you access to wide open blue spaces, with absolute privacy, peace and quiet. Anyone can charter a yacht, whether it’s a crewed ship who will take care of you, or if you’re an experienced sailor – having a bareboat can be the way to get access to a boat wherever you are.